iron problem

How To Soften High Iron Water Using Water Softener

High iron is horrifying for homeowners. Ugly stains to discolored water everything is nasty about hard water containing concentrated iron deposition. The iron bacterial formation in the toilet tank is the worst of all. Many complaints are been filed from the Central US stating about corrosions and clogged pipes. Areas like Missouri, Kanas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas are the affected regions.

Iron problem

iron problem

A recent study shows that hard water is prevalent in east and west central of the United States which includes a concentrated amount of dissolved minerals.

Many have a water softener installed in home and use electric shower for bathing, still, they are experiencing issues from iron. To know it better you may know that every region is different.

A water softener can also be differentiated into categories. Maybe your neighbor’s area does not have concentrated sedimentation as you have so the same isn’t working for you. For this, you need to get your home water tested and then choose the right one.

But first, let us grasp some information about Iron

Iron Properties:

Iron is troublesome even it is present in smaller quantities. Just 0.3ppm can cause rust in fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, floor etc whatever it comes in contact with. Below 0.3ppm adversely affects manufacturing units by lowering efficiency.

Iron not only corrodes pipes but also blocks them too even taste different. To eradicate this issue water treatment is the only solution.

Iron as an element is symbolized as Fe. It is of two types:

  • Ferrous Iron Fe+ +
  • Ferric Iron Fe+ ++

The natural deposits contain Ferric iron deposition in the form of ferrous salts. Ferrous salts being highly soluble dissolves in the water completely. It cannot be scrutinized from naked eyes as it is colorless and shows no evidence. When it is exposed to air, oxygen converts it to the ferric state. It reacts with alkaline water to form ferric hydroxide.

Corrosion of metals like iron or steel if mixed with water also adds iron content to it. the rust you see in pipes is due to ferric oxide which has formed due to oxygen and iron contact.

What is an Iron bacterium?

Iron bacteria are the small organisms which feed on the iron converting ferrous into the ferric state. They are so strong that they may attack steel too to convert it into iron by corroding them. They multiply quickly when they have reached heavy growth they block pipes completely. They can be identified by microscopic examination in laboratories.

Iron Water Softening via Water Softeners:

water softener

Many water softeners available are market remove iron completely from the water. They work successfully as a water softener for the removal of iron and hardness.

If heavy iron is present in your area, you need to supplement or update your water softener if it is not giving you desired results.

You need to understand the chemistry behind it which is stated above. Get an iron filter water softener. Fleck Iron Pro2 and Water Rights Impression Plus Air Series does a perfect job in removing iron and contaminants from water. They are specifically designed to eliminate ferrous salts from water.

Iron Removal In Manufacturing Industries/Plants:

Iron Removal Filters are installed that are customized according to the plant capacity and need. They are specially designed to remove excess iron fillers from water with minimum pressure drop.

Many filters work on oxidation principal which converts iron from ferrous to the ferric state. Once it comes in a ferric form they are precipitated via filter bed.


There are many temporary solutions available in the market but for the permanent way, you need a water softening system.

Now you have two choices either stick to your daily routine which is exhausting and time-consuming or just get one home system installed.

Top 5 Exciting Fun Things to Do on the Beach

People frequently go to the beach in order to relax, sunbathe and swim. This can get pretty boring very fast especially depending on the company one tags along with. The beach, however, does have to be a boring place reserved for relaxation and rest. Make your day in the sun and sand one to remember with these five exciting activities that range from having a picnic to engaging in water sports with friends.

1. Play a Game

While you may see this as a pretty unorthodox way to while your time away at the beach, I can assure you that it is one of the most exciting and engaging. Whether you are the active or lazy type who likes sitting like me, some games can make you not want to leave the beach. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to this. If you are a group of friends ring along a ball and net and engage in each soccer or volleyball. Have fun y competing against other groups of people especially if it is on a public beach. Portable games such as toss a coin or card games are in order if you prefer not being active.

2. Be a Seashell Collector

Did you know that sea and cowrie shells used to be used as currency by people in ancient times? While collecting seashells may seem cliche and oldfashioned, it still manages to preserve its appeal. You, however, need to observe some things before embarking on collecting expedition.

The first thing is to ring along a bag or container to collect your shells. You also need to collect only dead shells or the ones that contain no crustaceans inside. This ensures that your actions don’t have adverse effects on marine life.

3. Have a Picnic

With the scenic view and beautiful sunshine, the beach is one of the most ideal places to have a picnic at. Prepare your favorite dish be it: sandwiches, cheese or fried chicken and pair it with salad, fresh fruit or juice to oot. Also, make sure to keep away from alcoholic drinks especially if you have to drive yourselves back home.

Above all observe food proper food safety which entails ensuring that all cold food is stored properly in an insulated cooler. Also when serving ensure that the food is consumed immediately and not left exposed for long.

4. Engage in Watersport

Probably one of the most exciting things, you can do while at the beach has to e watersports. These are so much fun and filled with adrenaline. Due to the expensive nature of the equipment used they can not always e possible to do on an individual capacity. Various amusement packs have the equipment ready and at a small fee you can enjoy sports such as:

  • -Jet skiing
  • -Kayaking
  • -Ocean and bay fishing
  • -Para-sailing
  • -Scuba diving
  • -Surfing and windsurfing.

5. Jog or Stroll along the Surf

You can transform your time at the beach into a fitness session where you get to exercise your legs y strolling or running along the surf. This is particularly exciting when you are a couple and it could also help strength your connection to each other. 

The salty air that wafts along the coastline is a great relaxation agent making jogging here have great therapeutic benefits. However, get prepared for a tough and intense time as running on the sand is much more challenging than on paved ground.


Did you love the activities that we suggested to you? Do you think they are fun and exciting enough? If so please let us know in the comment section. You can also go ahead to give us examples of other fun things that you personally undertake while on the beach. Make sure that you have No KW and also research on more fun activities since ours are y no means exhaustive.